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    Beautiful master luthier cello of the highest quality based on Domenico Montagnana. It has a well regulated exceptionally sweet, rounded tone with depth of sound in the bass as well as a brilliant sound in the high register. 50 years old dried european tonewood. Beautifully flamed maple back in two pieces – top piece made of selected european spruce. Premium oil-varnish with antique look made by our master luthier.

    • Pegs, tailpiece and endpin made of boxwood
    • Weider Akusticus Tailpiece with four fine tuners (made in Germany)
    • Hightech Carbon Fiber Endpin
    • G + C strings by THOMASTIK Spirocore Wolfram
    • A + D strings by LARSEN Soloist
    • Optimally fitted bride and sound post made by our master luthier Susanne Müller, Rutesheim


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